Periodic Table of X-ray Absorption and Emission Energies

This page holds a links for a Poster-sized Periodic Table of X-ray Absorption Edge energies and X-ray emission line energies. This Periodic Table displays hard X-ray absorption edges (K, L1, L2, L3, M5) energies, principle K, L, and M emission line energies, and most common oxidation states for each element.

The table is generated using X-ray data from W. T. Elam, B. D. Ravel and J. R. Sieber, Radiation Physics and Chemistry 63 (2), pp121–128 (2002) (DOI LINK). The code used to generate this Poster is freely available as part XrayDB database.

The poster looks like this:


but this image is too low-resolution to print well as a large format, and you should use one of the PDF file listed below.


The poster is currently available in two sizes, and picturing two physicists famous for pioneering work in X-ray spectroscopy.

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