Envirosync: An organization of environmental science users of synchrotron radiation facilities

The Envirosynch web site: http://www.cems.stonybrook.edu/envirosync/

Richard J. Reeder
Department of Geosciences
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook NY 11794-2100
Tel. (631) 632-8208
<rjreeder AT stonybrook DOT edu>

John Bargar
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Stanford University
Menlo Park, CA
<bargar AT slac DOT stanford DOT edu>

The DOE Synchrotrons

DOE's Environmental Remediation Science Program has a representative at each of the DOE synchrotrons. These four scientists are there to help environmental scientists in general and ERSP researchers in specific in all aspects of obtaining beam time, designing and carying out an experiment, and interpreting the results.

The Advanced Light Source

Website: http://www-als.lbl.gov
Principle ERSP Contact: Peter Nico <psnico AT lbl DOT gov>

The Advanced Photon Source

Website: http://www.aps.anl.gov
Principle ERSP Contact: Bruce Ravel <bravel AT anl DOT gov>

The National Synchrotron Light Source

Website: http://www.nsls.bnl.gov/
Principle ERSP Contact: Paul Northrup <northrup AT bnl DOT gov>

The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

Website: http://www-ssrl.slac.stanford.edu/
Principle ERSP Contact: Sam Webb <samwebb AT slac DOT stanford DOT edu>

Upcoming events of Envirosync interest

Community Projects

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