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 * [[MattNewville/FastMapping.pdf | Preliminary results for "Fast XRF Mapping"]]  * [[attachment:FastMapping.pdf | Preliminary results for "Fast XRF Mapping" (pdf file)]]

Matt Newville

Email: <newville AT SPAMFREE cars DOT uchicago DOT edu>

[Figure 1]

Figure 1 Matt Newville

This is Matt Newville's Page on XAFS.ORG. Also see:


My main research interests are the use XAFS and other x-ray spectroscopies using synchrotron radiation. I mostly use these for the analysis of structure and chemistry of trace elements geological and environmental sciences.

Currently, GSECARS is starting an upgrade to build a dedicated x-ray microprobe for x-ray absorption, fluorescence, and diffraction. This is taking up much of my efforts. I am also working on new versions of control and analysis software for this beamline and for general analysis of x-ray spectroscopic data.


Current topics (mostly on data collection and analysis software)

Personal Information:

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