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Developed since 1982, EX.Tr.A (EXafs Trento Analysis) is a set of interactive programs which perform a phenomenological analysis of EXAFS by the cumulant method, according to a standard procedure: 1) subtraction of pre-edge contribution; 2) atomic background subtraction ; 3) Fourier filtering; 4) separate analysis of phases and amplitudes by the ratio method to get relative values of the first 4 cumulants. The methodology is particularly suited to the analysis of the first coordination shell as a function of temperature. One of the most original features of EX.Tr.A is the treatment of EXAFS cumulants: Einstein and Debye fits to parallel MSRD, analysis of thermal expansion and evaluation of the perpendicular MSRD, fit of 3rd and 4t cumulants to theoretical models, anharmonic contribution to parallel MSRD, reconstruction of the distance distribution from cumulants (including splice method).


Paolo Fornasini, Dept. of Physics, University of Trento (Italy) - contrib.: F. Rocca, R. Grisenti, D. Diop
PC/DOS (VGA graphics), Unix (gnuplot graphics)
Free (source Fortran77 code)




paolo.fornasini@unitn.it ; rocca@science.unitn.it


P. Fornasini, S. a Beccara, G. Dalba, R. Grisenti, A. Sanson, M. Vaccari, and F. Rocca, Phys. Rev. B, 70, 174301 (2004).


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