Notes For Software Authors

If you are the author of software related to X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy or a related field, feel free to include your work on the Software page. Here are some notes to get you started.

Introduction to is a wiki. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of wiki's you might want to read what Wikipedia has to say. In short, a wiki is a system for decentralized, user-contributed content generation. This means that every scientist in the X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy community can contribute to this growing resource.

The Software page on is not the first attempt at creating a list of existing theory and data analysis software. Each such compilation has suffered from lack of attention, quickly falling out of date. Using a wiki is a more promising approach to compiling a software list because the program authors themselves contribute to its upkeep.

Create an account on

Many features of the wiki are only available when you are logged in. Consequently, we recommend that you create a user account on

Click on the "login" link at the top of the page. Type in your WikiName, your email address, pick a password, and click on Create Profile. The password here is not highly secured, so don't use your best password. You'll need to use a web browser that allows cookies.

The wiki works best if your login name is a WikiName, i.e. a MixedCaseName without spaces to separate first and last name. My WikiName, for instance, is BruceRavel. Please use your real name. One of the goals of is to educate young scientists and newcomers to absorption spectroscopy -- it is helpful to those users to know who contributes the content they read on

Add your package to the list on the Software page

Edit the Software page and add your package by placing it at its location in the alphabetical list. You can simply cut, paste, and edit one of the other items in the list. A list entry looks like this:

 * [:Software/SomeOtherPackage:Some other package]

This bit of wiki syntax creates a link to the appropriate place in the wiki hierarchy and uses the given text as the text of the link.

There are a couple of ground rules for using the Software page:

  1. Put your package in its proper location in the alphabetical list according to the name of the package. Don't cheat. "PoodleXAS: An XAS package for curly haired dogs" should be listed in the P's. If you write this as "An XAS package for curly haired dogs: PoodleXAS" and place it in the A's (i.e. at the beginning of the list) , someone will edit the entry to return it to the P's.

  2. Multiple programs by the same author should be grouped together. 1

When you saved the page after adding your package to the list, your new link will be in red text, which indicates that the page has not yet been created. Click on the red link to create the new page.

Create your new page

Since this is a new page, you will be prompted for a template upon which to base your new page. I recommend that you select the DataAnalysisTemplate, which was created specifically for use with the Software page. SuggestionForTemplate is another available template intended for use with Software. Fill in all the information about your package. The template is commented with suggestions on using the template. You need not follow the format of the template slavishly -- feel free to add content to your page as you see fit and in a way that flatters your software package.

There is one editorial rule for the software pages: be nice! We are all friends here and the language we use to describe our work should be friendly. Language that specifically mentions a competing package or that directly compares specific packages to your own is strongly discouraged. Language that is critical of or disparaging of other packages will be edited.

Hints and tips for page creation

  1. Note that the original author of this page has respected both of these rules. [:BruceRavel:His] three programs are listed together under "H" as "Hephaestus, Athena, and Artemis". (1)

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