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  * A [attachment:overabsorption.pdf treatment of self-absorption, thickness, and hole effects] in XAS data collection by Matthew Marcus and Alain Manceau.   * [:Experiment/OverAbsorption: Information about various sample-related distortions to measured XAS data, and how to avoid them]

Introductory and Tutorial Information on XAFS

Be sure to look at the [:Workshops: Workshops Page] for material from recent workshops. Many of these workshops have slides from talks posted on-line.

Add your comments to: "What information should be reported in your manuscirpt with XAFS Analysis?" [:Reporting EXAFS Analysis: Reporting Page]

XAFS Tutorials and Overviews

Matt Newville's Tutorials
  • The last two files are companions to the longer write-up, containing similar material in a form more suitable for a lecture. This material (write-up, and the corresponding slides) is a work in progress. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • attachment:Newville_xas_fundamentals.pdf The Fundamentals of XAFS (PDF format): a ~40 page introduction to XAFS, aimed at the advanced undergraduate level.

  • attachment:Newville_Intro.pdf Fundamentals of X-ray Absorption Fine Structure, a set of slides for an oral presentation.

  • attachment:Newville_Expt.pdf Anatomy of an XAFS Experiment, a set of slides for an oral presentation.

Shelly Kelly's Tutorials
  • attachment:Basics_of_XAFS_to_chi.pdf The Basics of processing chi(k) data in Athena (PDF format): a presenation introducing the basics of processing chi(k) data in Athena.

  • attachment:Basics_of_XAFS_analysis.pdf The Basics of modeling EXAFS spectra in Artemis, a presenation introducing the basics of modeling EXAFS spectra in Artemis.

Books and Review Articles


Note: We don't endorse amazon.com, but where appropriate, a link to their pages on these books is included:

Webcasts, screencasts, and other remote learning tools

Other Stuff

  • [wiki:Acronyms Acronyms]: An explanation of all the wacky acronyms used in the XAS business.

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