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For lodging at the APS, make a reservation at the [http://www.anlgh.org APS Guest House]. For lodging at the APS, make a reservation at the [http://www.anlgh.org APS Guest House]. Please specify that you are coming for the XAFS Summer School.

APS XAFS School 2006

An XAFS School will be held at the APS, July 26-28, 2006. Applications for the course are now closed, and the page here is for information exchange between students and instructors.



The school will take place July 26 to 28th. At this point, we're not taking any more applications, and have what looks like a great group of students.

APS Access

To attend the APS XAFS School, you must be registered as an APS User. If you are attending the course and are not an APS user, please [http://www.aps.anl.gov/Users/Become_A_User/Getting_Started/About_registration.htm Register as an APS User] now!

Travel and Lodging

For travel to the APS, see [http://www.aps.anl.gov/About/Visiting/index.html Visiting the APS]

For lodging at the APS, make a reservation at the [http://www.anlgh.org APS Guest House]. Please specify that you are coming for the XAFS Summer School. You should plan on arriving on July 25th, and departing on July 28th. Note that the cost of lodging is not included in the course fee.

Please make a reservation at the Guest House by July 7th.

Costs and Payment

The course will cost $225. This includes lunches, dinners, and coffee breaks. Breakfast is provided by the Guest House. Payment will be handled by Argonne Guest Services.

Checks or Purchase Orders made payable to Argonne National Laboratory should be mailed to:

APS XAFS Summer School

Attn: Joan Brunsvold

Conference Services, C&PA

Argonne National Laboratory

Building 201

9700 South Cass Avenue

Argonne, IL 60439

Credit Cards: We can accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Call or FAX information to:

APS XAFS Summer School

Attn: Joan Brunsvold

TEL: 630.252.5585

FAX: 630.252.5533


Students are expected to bring a laptop computer for the analysis workshop. Since the course is primarily focused on data analysis, it is important that students have a working computer suitable for analysis. To be specific, you should bring a laptop with the following characteristics:

  • Either Windows 2000 or XP (not Windows98 or Me), Mac OS 10.3 or 10.4, or Linux. If your computer does not use English as it's default language, there may be problems running the software.
  • 256 Mb of RAM
  • Ifeffit 1.2.9 installed (and tested, please!).
  • Your data and any relevant analysis projects you might have.
  • A power supply!

If you do not have access to such a computer that you can bring with you, contact us.

If you have a wireless card on your computer, you will be able to use an APS wireless network, but we won't be providing ethernet support.

Instructors and Course Schedule

Here are the course instructors and a rough syllabus. More details coming soon!


The instructors for the course are [wiki:Workshops/APS2006InstructorsOnly Instructors Only Page]:

  • Scott Calvin
  • Shelly Kelly
  • Matt Newville
  • Bruce Ravel

Day 1 (July 26)

  • hands-on introduction and demo of Athena and Artemis (Ravel)
  • conceptual introduction to EXAFS modeling with (I)Feffit (Newville)
  • an example analysis with Artemis (Ravel??)
  • open time for student analysis, questions.

Day 2 (July 27)

  • a nice, complete, complex EXAFS modeling example (Kelly??)
  • another nice, complete, complex EXAFS modeling example (Calvin??)
  • open analysis time

Day 3 (July 28)

  • student presentations of real-world EXAFS analyses (students)
  • open analysis time

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