2007 APS XAFS School

July 23-27

The APS XAFS School is open to anyone interested in learning about XAFS and how to incorporate XAFS into their own research program. The curriculum is aimed at the novice to intermediate level XAFS practitioner and covers all aspects of XAFS. Lectures cover topics ranging from sample preparation to theory to data analysis. Two days are devoted to hands-on experiments at APS spectroscopy beamlines. Significant time is spent on hands-on instruction in data processing and data analysis using Feff, Ifeffit and Athena & Artemis.

Lecture Notes

[Figure 1:]

Figure 1: Group photo for the 2007 APS EXAFS Summer School

These are all PDF files

Introduction to X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Simon Bare

Overview of Beamlines and Measurements

Trudy Bolin

Preparing Samples for XAFS Data Collection

Robert Gordon

XAFS Data Processing with Athena

Matt Newville

XAS Theory

Bruce Ravel

Interpretation of XANES Data

Grant Bunker


Steve Heald

Modeling WS2

Shelly Kelly

On APS General User Proposals

Matt Newville

Methyl tin EXAFS analysis example

Bruce Ravel

Data Analysis Examples

Shelly Kelly

During the school we are planning to have an example shown from start to finish. The samples may be large and small particles of WS2. Data will be collected from a pre-prepared sample on Monday at one of the beamlines. This data will be distributed to all the students. Students are encouraged to practice processing the data on their own. Materials will be available during the sample prep lab on Tuesday. Students that are interested can prepare their own samples and collect data from them on Wednesday. On Thursday or Friday a detailed presentation will show how to process the spectra. projectfiles.tgz , wsnano_data.zip

Scott Calvin

Here is the example folder Scott went over in the class. It includes an Athena project with the raw and processed data (and a bunch of other samples!), the Artemis project we created in class (with the Mn-Mn problem fixed), and the actual Artemis project Scott used when first analyzing this system (complete with notes taken as Scott was trying to fit the data).

Bruce Ravel

This zip file contains all the data shown in my theory talk as well as the data I showed during my demonstrations of linear combination XANES fitting and EXAFS fitting of methyl tin.


  • Simon Bare, UOP
  • Trudy Bolin, APS (XOR/CMC)
  • Grant Bunker, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Scott Calvin, Sarah Lawrence College
  • Robert Gordon, Simon Fraser University
  • Steve Heald, APS (XOR/PNC)
  • Shelly Kelly, ANL (MR-CAT)
  • Matt Newville, University of Chicago (GSECARS)
  • Bruce Ravel, ANL (MR-CAT)

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