NSLS EXAFS Data Collection and Analysis Workshop, July 2003


The four-day course included classroom lectures each morning given by experts in the field of EXAFS and synchrotron radiation covering topics ranging from the basic physics of x-ray absorption and interpretation of EXAFS and XANES, sample preparation, data collection, and basic principles of data analysis. Hands-on data collection of standard materials and samples the students brought themselves took place at 7 different NSLS beamlines for the first two afternoons of the course, and hands-on instruction with data analysis software took place on the second two afternoons of the course.

This course was sponsored by the National Synchrotron Light Source, with financial assistance from the Center for Environmental Molecular Science at SUNY Stony Brook and Brookhaven National Lab Housing, lunch, and dinner were provided on-site at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the registered students. And everyone had a good time.

Lecture Notes

These are all pdf files:

Introduction to X-ray Absorption Fine Structure

Matt Newville

Real Life XAS Sample Preparation

Scott Calvin

XANES Measurements and Interpretation

Simon Bare

Synchrotron Instrumentation and Detectors

Peter Siddons

Basics of Data Analysis

Shelly Kelly

Introduction to XAS Theory

John Rehr

First Shell EXAFS Analysis

Anatoly Frenkel

Utilizing XAFS Spectroscopies in a Research Program

Rich Reeder

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